Noun / Camaraderie / käm-ˈrä-d(ə-)rē :  A spirit of friendly good fellowship among the people in a group.

I love that word.

Everybody has a need to belong.  Over the years, whenever I have been together with other women who are involved in collegiate ministry, there is an immediate sense of connectedness.  I don’t need to explain what it is like to raise my own financial support.  You get it.  I don’t have to explain the joy of seeing a college freshman understand the gospel and give their life to Christ.  You have experienced it.  Young wives find immediate kinship with others who are keeping a home, raising babies and hosting 25 college students for supper every Friday night.  You know what it is like to listen to a college student share her heart while also listening for the baby to wake from his nap.  We are all in the same group.  We are women pouring our lives out for the next generation.  Whenever I am in a room full of women who do collegiate ministry, I immediately know, “I belong here.”

I hope you will consider joining us for two days in June in Norman, Oklahoma for a little camaraderie.  There will be some inspiring teaching.  There will be some rich times of worship.  We will pray.  We will share some discipleship ideas.  But mostly we will enjoy being together as women in a group where we know we belong. 

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