Preface to a Few Stories

I have been thinking lately about the dear folks who peopled my childhood, youth and early walk with God.  Many of them have now gone to be with Jesus.   I am often reminded of how they shaped me by their words or their example. 

For some (morbid?) reason I once memorized Ecclesiastes 7:2:  “Death is the destiny of every man; the living should take this to heart.”   Cheerful verse, right?  Yet, I find this verse coming to mind more and more often as I get older.   I want to “take it to heart” that life is short; and also, that I have the astounding opportunity to touch the lives around me with the gospel.  So, in an attempt to honor the legacy of those who have gone before me, I thought I would tell you a few stories about the power of influence in my life.  Maybe in the telling, these stories will inspire you.  Stay tuned.