Buddy Albright: One More Story

After posting two recent reflections on Buddy and Jean Albright, I heard from their son, Ray.  He told the following story to me in an email:

“Last Christmas season, after Mom's death, I was going into Kroger with Dad.  He had $100 in cash for groceries.  He peeled away from me and stuffed a wad of cash into the Salvation Army bell ringer's kettle.  (I stopped paying attention to the bell ringers years ago.)   At the checkout, he could only come up with $20.  "How much did you give the Salvation Army", I asked, not wanting to believe that he gave away 80 of his 100 dollars.  "Eighty dollars", he said.  The next time I saw a bell ringer, I dropped some cash into the kettle.”

Buddy, you are still leading the way, still living with a generous, foolish heart.  You are still “spending yourself on behalf of others.” (Isaiah 58:10) You are still inspiring me to try and live, by God’s grace, as well as you.