June Conference for Women in Collegiate Ministry: Refreshed, Inspired, Equipped

It’s getting closer!  We hope you are making plans to join us in Norman, Oklahoma, June 20-22, 2016.  Click on the events tab for all the details.  While you are there, why not go ahead and click the Registration button?

I have hosted mini-retreats like this several times over the years for women in collegiate ministry.  Women have joined me New Mexico or Colorado for a few days together.  It never fails.  Whether there is high content or low content. Whether there are three of us or ten of us.  They love being together and listening to each other.  They come away encouraged in the Lord.  I am confident this time will be no different.

“I'm looking forward to enjoying time with women who understand my world.  Women who "get me" and what I do day in and day out.  I'm excited to learn from women who are also working with students and get ideas on how to be a better disciplemaker, leader, employee and friend.”         ~  Erin Gillum, University of Southern California

“It is so refreshing to be around people that I don't have to explain myself to.  We can just understand each other. I am also looking forward to getting a chance to receive instead of being in charge.”          ~  Krystal Krug, Oklahoma State University

“I am looking forward to the refreshment and fellowship of the conference this summer. Our staff spends everything on investing in students for 9 months.  At the end of the semester I am really looking forward to some time to learn and be on more of the receiving end of investment. What a blessing it is to have space to come together as women in collegiate ministry!”      ~ Jessica Spade, Kansas State University

“In the past, I have left these retreats recharged and encouraged.  I've made new friends and deepened friendships with ladies who I don't see very often. I'm asking God to awaken my soul to who He is!  As a veteran in collegiate ministry, I'm asking for a fresh encounter with Him and key conversations with other women to help me better relate to, train and equip this generation of students.”        ~  Erin Gillum, University of Southern California