Read Here to Find Descriptions for Conference Workshops

All three workshops will be offered on Tuesday, at 2:00p.m. and then again on Wednesday morning at 9:00a.m.  You will have the opportunity to attend TWO of the THREE workshops offered.

1. What Did You Say?   Led by Jennifer Peck

We serve a God who spoke us into existence. Shouldn’t we as followers of Jesus give careful thought into the words that we are speaking to the world?  This workshop will help us examine our hearts and look at biblical wisdom and practical strategies for directing our words to bring life to ourselves, our co-workers, our students, our situations, and all who hear us.

Jennifer was born and raised in Oklahoma, growing up on the campus of the Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children where her parents worked. She went to OBU, the Boston Conservatory and the University of Oklahoma where she now teaches music classes to non-majors. For the past 8 years she has been a "friend" of the OU BCM staff, helping shepherd and disciple both students and young staff.  She credits Sandra Barnett and Cindy Owen Smith for giving her a true vision for her life.  Jennifer is the proud aunt of Emily, Callie and Micah, performs as a classical flutist on weekends, and loves to cook.

 2. Our Role in Helping Heal Hurting Hearts    Led by Melissa Tuck

We see and hear from women with hurting hearts every day.  It can be overwhelming.  Most of us are not trained or licensed counselors.  But our God is a God who heals and, with His help, we can be a part of His redemption in the lives of young women.  In this workshop, we'll talk through ideas, resources, and questions we have about “counseling” in ministry.

Melissa has been in campus ministry since graduating from Oklahoma State University in 2001. She was an intern at OSU for two years, married Tony, and then they moved to Tulsa for three years to work at the BCM at Tulsa Community College.  They have been back at OSU since 2006.  Melissa attended "Soul Care" training from Plumbline Ministry in Tulsa, OK, which is training for lay people who want to help others in areas in which God has helped them.  Melissa’s small claim to fame was being an “extra” in an episode of “Walker, Texas Ranger” when she was in the ninth grade.   She and husband Tony went to Alaska for their 10 year anniversary.   (And with that, Tony can now say he has been in all 50 states!)

3. My Crazy Collegiate Ministry Life:  Work, Rest, Boundaries   Led by Melody Richeson

Do you ever find yourself asking questions like:  Is this what burnout feels like?  Am I working now?  Does it count as work when it doesn’t feel like work?  Help! I feel like I work 24/7!  How can I create a helpful structure for a job with almost no structure?

Melody has navigated various seasons of collegiate ministry life over 25+years:  as a young intern with little direction; a highly structured 8-5 schedule (FOCUS); and 16 years on staff with a local (loosely structured) campus ministry.  Melody loves to play or watch tennis, takes her dog, Gracie for regular rambles, and is always up for an adventure.